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Hunting Trophy Family

Who Are We?

We are a division of Coppersmith Global Logistics. Started as a mother and son operation in 1948, Coppersmith Global Logistics built our reputation on quality, customer service and family values. Today, four generations later with 9 Offices around the country, Coppersmith continues to set the standard for reliability and professional integrity.

Top: Mother & Son, Adrienne and Lew Coppersmith
Middle: Michael Coppersmith on a hunt in Argentina
Bottom: President Jeff Coppersmith and Lynley Bishop, Branch Manager

Remaining true to the values which have helped us grow for over 7 decades, we have invested heavily in both people and systems to remain at the forefront of the international logistics industry. Coppersmith is well versed in all phases of cargo transportation from supply chain maximization and security to governmental regulations and product compliance.

World-Class Experts

The Coppersmith team of Trophy Specialists is the best in the industry with over 30 years of experience. From their day to day work clearing trophies to their involvement with hunting organizations across the country, the Coppersmith Team has set the bar high.

Michael Coppersmith is a well-known international hunter who is always willing to share his experiences and knowledge with fellow hunters.  He also gives a very popular seminar “Know Before You Go” several times throughout the year and has been a featured keynote speaker for several chapters.  Over the past 2 years Michael has been the Producer of his documentary Beyond the Bullseye that is being created to educate those who are against hunting and shed a positive light on the hunting industry as a whole.

No matter what it is, our dedicated team is always here to help!

Why Should You Trust Us
with Your Trophy Shipments?

Hunting trophy shipments may only be cleared at one of the 16 Designated Ports of Entry in the US. Coppersmith has offices and warehouses at 9 of those ports, allowing us to provide service across the country.

The presence of a Coppersmith office and our fantastic employees has provided us the opportunity to establish ongoing working relationships with the government agencies tasked with releasing the trophies for our hunter clients.

Coppersmith has been handling Hunting Trophy Shipments for almost 30 years making us the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry.

Want Help Getting Started?

If this is your first time returning a trophy from an overseas hunt, congratulations - you're in the right place.

If you've used our service in the past, welcome back! It's great to see you again and we're honored we can be of assistance.

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