Top 5 Bucket List: Best Big Game Hunting in the World17/06/18


Modern hunting combines field fortitude, top-notch gear and a little bit of luxury. These improved features ensure that any hunter can explore all their dream hunts. Some of the best big game hunting destinations in the world feature a mixture of great game and beautiful country. These areas have challenging terrains to add to the excitement of the hunting experience.

Talkeetna, Alaska
If you plan to go hunting in Talkeetna, you should bring a big rifle with you. There is plenty of big game to hunt in this place including black and brown bear, Dall sheep, wolf, and moose. The moose population increases after some mild winters while bear and wolf hunts are allowed throughout the year.

Cordoba, Argentina
If you want to shoot plenty of birds, you should go to Argentina. A trip to Cordoba will see you access plush lodges during your entire stay in the hunting area. Although hunters can shoot birds all year round, the best time to hunt is in March, April, and October, owing to the weather. Apart from birds, some of the bigger game you can hunt include Puma, blackbuck antelope, and water buffalo.


Windhoek, Namibia
Windhoek is one of the best safari destinations in the world. This, together with the hospitality, has made the area the holy grail of hunting big game. There are numerous comfortable lodges and tent camps across Namibia, a factor that ensures that your accommodation needs are covered. While here, you can hunt blue wildebeest, the warthog, red hartebeest and springbok throughout the day.


South Island, New Zealand
New Zealand has earned international fame for its mountain animals and beautiful landscapes. If you are keen on hunting the water buffalo, elk, tahr, chamois among other game, you should take a trip to New Zealand.

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