Tips and Tricks for Hunting the Impala in Zimbabwe19/09/18


One of the most common hunts you will ever take in Africa is against the impala. This antelope is very easy to spot, with its massive, upright antlers and beautiful reddish coat. Hunting them is similar to deer hunting, except that they are much more herd-oriented and have much better senses. They are the perfect animal to get your feet wet on your first hunt: not too hard, but not too easy.

Impala, like deer, are pretty tough, so going small with a .22 caliber will have you trudging through the bush for 12 hours in the hot, Sub-Saharan sun. Take something a little bit heavier, like a .30 caliber or even a .375. Bring your best scope and try to get the kill on the first shot, as once impala scatter, they are much harder to track.

Just like deer, the best time to hunt is during the rut. For impala, this happens in the fall. Get out there early in the morning, when the temperature is cooler and the herd is just waking up.

If you decide to make this trip, remember to hire a great guide. Doing so will help you keep your hunt legal and help you get all the paperwork and permits sorted out. Local guides also know the geography much better and can help you stake out much better hunting locations.

Even if this isn’t your first time hunting in Africa, hunting impala is a great experience that can be both extremely exciting and very rewarding.

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