The Best North American Trophy Hunts25/08/17


North America has an incredibly diverse landscape. These provide habitats for unique game suitable for any hunter’s trophy room. Here are some of the best trophy hunts in North America, not ranked in any particular order. 


Mountain Goat, British Columbia

You’ll likely have to hire a guide just to sight one of these elusive creatures, but the journey will be worth it. Prepare for lots of hiking.


Elk, Montana

Montana’s endless mountain ranges provide an amazing backdrop during this hunt. It’s not going to be easy, as elk have a tendency to be located in remote areas.


Moose, Washington

The first time any hunter sees a moose, they are almost always left in awe by the sheer size of the animal. They’re also known for their aggression- up to 1500 pounds of it.


Grizzly Bear, Kodiak Island

The feeling of hunting a predator is a completely different experience. The grizzlies of Alaska can grow up to 9 feet, and are known for defending their territory.


Muskox, Nunavut, Canada

The muskox looks like a combination of a bison and a mountain goat, and is one of the most unique trophies for a hunter. You’ll need a guide here. 


Bison, Utah

The temperament of the bison, coupled with its incredibly thick skin, make this a uniquely difficult trophy to obtain. 


Antelope, Wyoming

The beautiful and unique coat of the antelope is enough for many hunters to make the trek to Wyoming. There’s also the benefit of mostly flat hunting ground.


Eastern Turkeys, Alabama

Alabama has the most turkeys in the nation. However, they’re still just as tough to hunt. Still, there is a reason Alabama earned its reputation for turkeys. 


Whitetail Deer, Wisconsin

Boone & Crocket rank Buffalo County as the top spot in the country for trophy white tails. There’s also lush, autumn-colored hunting grounds near the Mississippi River.



Whether trekking across the Rocky Mountains in search of Elk or tracking antelope across the plains of Wyoming, any hunter can find their dream trophy and they don’t even have to leave the country. 


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