The 3 Expert Tips to Make Your Hunting Videos Stand Out11/08/18


Capturing your hunt on video has become easier than ever before. What used to require 40-pound cameras recording on cumbersome videotapes can now be accomplished using a lightweight and easily portable digital camera. Moreover, compared to the thousands of dollars in equipment that hunting videography used to require, the necessary equipment to get started filming digitally is relatively affordable. But just because filming is easier doesn’t mean that it isn’t challenging to shoot a truly outstanding hunting video. With that in mind, follow these three tips to transform your hunting video into a digital hunting trophy.

Invest in the proper accessories

Hunting photography and videography requires more than just a good camera. Without a quality tripod or a camera support arm attached to a tree, your hunting footage will almost certainly come out wobbly and unclear. A device known as a zoom control can be used to adjust the zoom on your camera without touching the camera itself, dramatically reducing shakiness. And of course, a good film editing program is an absolute necessity in order to put together a quality hunting video.

Practice, practice, practice

The time to get used to your camera equipment is before you are out on a big hunting safari. Brian Bychowski of Pine Ridge Archery recommends practicing by filming your kids or pets in your backyard; this will allow you to get adept at using the features of your camera while minimizing movement and noise that could disrupt your hunt. Bychowski also advises get used to your camera’s zoom function in advance as “many hunters make a mistake when they have the camera zoomed in too tightly.”

Experiment with perspectives and angles

As Michael Waddell on Petersen’s Hunting notes, one way to take your hunting video to the next level is to mix up the angles and perspectives you use. By using a gun- or hat-mounted camera such as a GoPro or Action Cam, you can add in shots from your perspective as the hunter that make your video more dynamic.


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