Test Your Skill Hunting Bighorn Sheep28/06/17


Sheep hunting is not an easy task, especially to the inexperienced hunters. One of the toughest tests of hunting bighorn sheep lies in the hunter’s ability to find them in their hideouts. However, after getting where they are, the hunt becomes relatively easy. Below are essential tips where and how to start your search during the sheep hunting process. They will test and sharpen your skills.

  • Start hanging out with experienced hunters.

You can learn multiple sheep hunting skills by spending more time with experienced hunters in your region. Most of these individuals have Facebook pages where they share updates and crucial conversations about how you can find bighorn sheep easily and start hunting. Additionally, you can share the little information that you have about sheep hunting with them, and they will reciprocate and guide you where to go hunting.

  • Go high-tech.

Nothing can beat Google Earth when it comes to finding places where you can get productive bighorn sheep in your region. High-resolution satellite images of Google Earth will guide you to locate areas with adequate numbers of sheep to hunt. If you do not know how to read and interpret them, you can seek assistance from experts in the field and go hunting with your friends.

  • Identify the right terrain.

High-resolution satellite images alone cannot help you get the ram hideouts. Bighorn sheep keep moving from one place to another to hide from their predators. Therefore, you can find them anywhere. If you want to minimize the hassles of spending days looking for them, you must look for a perfect terrain where they are likely to spend most of their time.  The terrain must provide easy escape routes from their predators. 

  • Go to the field and hilly areas for hunting.

After knowing the potential hideouts of bighorn sheep, you can head to the hills with binoculars and start hunting. If you are new to sheep hunting activities, you should go to areas with high percentages of sheep to improve your skills.

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