Land Transports Between Alaska and the Contiguous 48 States Must Meet International Customs Requirements22/03/17


If you are a lower-48, U.S.-based hunter who has decided to give Alaska a go and see what trophies you can bring home, you’re in luck. The state is known for its diverse wildlife and excellent hunting. You’ll need to arrange for permits and to ensure you hunt only those animals currently in season, but once the paperwork is done, you’re in for a potentially productive hunt.

What You’ll Find

Alaska offers trophy hunters several species of big game, as well as mid-sized and smaller game on land, in sea, and in air. Depending on the season, you may be able to hunt two types of bears; coyotes, foxes, and wolves; a few antlered species, such as caribou, moose, and elk; bison; and smaller game including waterfowl, hares, and more.

Seaplane landing near Kodiak City on Kodiak Island in Alaska


Where You Can Stay

While camping is always a possibility, it’s not the most comfortable — or safest — option. During your trip, stay at a remote wilderness lodge for maximum relaxation. Many lodges offer all-inclusive packages that cover room costs, meals (including home-cooked meals at some lodges), nature walks, fishing charters, and additional activities. Your package could also cover the cost of being flown in to your chosen hunting zone. Note that remote lodges are not the same as roadside lodges.

Border Issues

If you’re planning to return to the lower 48 by land, you’ll cross two international borders. Canada doesn’t offer special customs waivers for people traveling across Canadian territory from Alaska to another U.S. state, so you’ll have to provide customs forms and prepare your trophies accordingly.

You can avoid confusion and get the job done properly by using a customs broker specially trained to import hunting trophies. can help you properly prepare, ship and receive legal hunting trophies and game from Alaska. Don’t risk having your trophies held up in (and possibly seized by) Canada or at the U.S. border; with’s help, you can have that reminder of your trip in your home in a short time.

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