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When you go hunting in Africa – or anywhere else in the world – you need to be able to import your hunting trophies safely back into the United States. Whether you are doing a European mount or a traditional head mount, you will need to take care so that a U.S. taxidermist is able to make the necessary preservations.

Just as when you are in the States and you hunt a deer, you will need to do some basic dressing and cool the meat down as much as possible. If you are on a tour that is specific for game hunting, there may be people on board that will take care of this for you – you simply want to tag your game so you can be sure you get the right game sent back to you.

Additionally, you will need to have all of the correct documentation. The biggest problem with importing hunting trophies is the documentation because they were filled out incorrectly – and this is why it can be beneficial to use a broker to help with all of the paperwork. You don’t want something stopped at customs because they cannot identify it properly.

Dip and pack services are usually available on the reserve – or nearby that work in conjunction with the reserve. These are an absolute must to ensure the parts do not spoil. Be sure to use a reputable service – even if it means that you do a little research before handing your trophy over to anyone.

Additionally, some dip and packs may need to be redone when going into the United States simply because of the game itself. Do your homework and know what you are hunting and what needs to be done with it.

Whenever possible, hand the trophy over to a broker or reserve staff as they will know how to handle the importation without a glitch.

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