Hunting the Warthog in the African Savannah20/11/15


The African Warthog is a stocky, medium-sized creature that is a great to hunt in the African Savannah. Many trophy hunters love to add this menacing looking pig to their home trophy wall. Their personalities are pack animals, so when you spot them on your trip they will probably be in groups of four or more. They can go for longer than most animals without a water source, sometimes up to a year, so that makes them an animal that is geared towards survival.

Facts About the Warthog

They are dodgy and fast, usually weighing around 150-250 lbs, depending on if it is a male or female. The males are obviously bigger with oversized heads, long snouts, and long tails that end in a tuft of bristles. They usually hide in moist and arid parts of the Savannah, where they usually hide out in packs looking for grass to eat or roots in the drier seasons. Their sharp tusks prevent their predators from eating them alive when used as a weapon. Lions and leopards are their main enemies on the African plains according to the National Geographic Society. The “warts” are actually on their faces in two places that can protect them from outside dangers.

Best Method of Hunting the Warthog

 A trained hunting guide will usually help you “stop and stalk” the warthog, although you might want to stay in a stationary position if you are using a bow and arrow to hunt them. Be wary though, because the Warthog can run surprisingly fast and may charge at you. They can inflict serious injury with their sharp tusks if they puncture your leg or stomach. Be careful around these animals animals when you are on safari.


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