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This wild goat, also known as the steinbock or bouquetin, is a keen mountain animal. Any hunter who is up for a unique challenge should consider Ibex hunting in Spain. Best of all, the trophy makes an impressive sight mounted above the fireplace back home.

Where to Locate the Ibex

Game hunters usually run into the Ibex along the rough terrain of the highest Spanish mountains. This environment can be a bit brutal, so be prepared for some degree of physical exertion reaching a site to await the arrival of the goats. Since the Ibex has near vertical climbing ability, expect to locate them along rather angular slopes and cliffs.

Approaching the Ibex

They are extremely quiet and difficult to approach. These wary animals catch even the slightest movement and mere hint of a foreign scent. It is necessary, at the very least, to wear camouflage that exactly matches the Alpine setting. Scent protector is another consideration.

Ibex Movement Patterns

In general, Ibex tend to segregate themselves into small groups of around six. This means that hunters will find herds consisting of either all adult males, all females, young individuals, or mixed-sexed goats of various ages. The latter herds usually have no more than two male bucks, who might be aggressive while protecting the females.

Though extremely quiet, Ibex do chirp, especially when scared. Use this knowledge to track them down. Hunters have to stalk, spot and shoot Ibex, as there are no known attractants.

Two Useful Hints

  • Try to shoot Ibex when they are on a steep incline. Ibex goats will roll down on their horns and body until they reach the bottom.
  • When scared, these intelligent animals will often run toward a cliff and then pace in circles, fearful that attempting to climb will result in a hunter shooting them. Take advantage by waiting for them to pace nervously at the cliff walls.

Get Involved in Spanish Ibex Wild Goat Hunting

Out of the various international travel destinations, the high Spanish mountains remain some of the most exciting for hunters. The first step before embarking on a journey is to get in touch with experienced taxidermists who can answer any lingering questions about Ibex hunting in Spain.


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