Hunting for Big Elk in Wyoming and Utah11/10/16


The best public places for hunting elk in Wyoming and Utah are the national forest and wilderness areas of the states. They are typically hunted on limited draw archery hunts or on rifle hunts, but it requires years of hunting before being able to apply for tagging. elk

Elk can best be found in areas with plenty of security coverage. The biggest of bulls can especially be found in areas where timber has not been cut or logged. The more heavily an area is logged, the less likely it is to find a bigger bull.

When hunting these creatures, be careful not to migrate onto private lands with the elk. Some areas have private property where elk like to reside due to becoming used to the hunting culture. Therefore, a hunter must be aware not to cross over to the private property. That being said, there are excellent public places to hunt for elk in both Wyoming and in Utah.

Bridger-Teton National Forest

This forest is located near Jackson, Wyoming. There are quite of bit of elk to hunt in this area, but be on the look out for bears as well.

Shoshone National Forest

Located in the Beartooth Mountains of Wyoming, the Shoshone National Forest offers some of the best elk hunting experiences, containing some of the biggest bulls in the state.

Ashley National Forest

The Ashley National Forest is the place a record-breaking elk was caught. It boasts some of the best hunting land for elk in the United States.

These are just a few of the many elk hunting locations out there. There are more places within these two states and even more within the United States. However, the aforementioned are some of the top sites recommended by elk hunters. Check these places out for yourself or investigate other sites to find your own preferences.

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