How to Travel Safely with Your Firearms16/11/16


If you plan on going abroad to hunt, chances are you will need to travel with your firearms on a plane. While many people view air travel with firearms as intimidating at first, it is truly not as much of a hassle as many people seem to think. This is especially true if you take the time to understand the airline policies and TSA regulations. Here are a few tips that should help you travel safely with your firearms.


The vast majority of airlines restrict the amount of ammunition with which passengers can travel. In general, passengers are only permitted to travel with six or seven pounds of ammunition. Be sure you know the policies of your airline beforehand as the last thing you want is to throw away an expensive box of ammunition away. Keep in mind that airlines only restrict the actual weight of the ammunition and not the weight of the storage container along with the ammunition. 

Keep the ammo in the plastic boxes or cardstock they came in from the factory. This will make it easier for airline attendants to determine whether your ammo is in line with airline policy. For space efficiency and organization, pack the firearms and ammunition in different cases.


Consider using a protective travel case to store your pistol and other firearms. You should also store magazines in the protective travel case, one in the gun and three as spares. Magazines are the point of failure for many firearms, especially semiautomatic pistols. There are a number of differently sized cases to fit any firearms. You should use find the smallest protective travel case that will fit your firearm and equipment. That way, you will be able to avoid weight and space restrictions on luggage and the associated overweight charge.

Check-In Process

You should avoid curbside check-in if you want to check your firearm. Depending on the firearm, you may be asked to check in with the kiosk and choose the option to check a bag. Once you print your boarding pass, go to a counter attendant to have your firearm checked.

Traveling safely with your firearms isn’t as difficult as it may seem. For more information about how to travel safely with your firearms contact the TSA.


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