Four Things to Do Before Choosing an outfitter for your African Hunting Safari13/05/18


Going on a safari can be a one in a life time opportunity filled with excitement and adventure. However, as with any big trip, there are certain things you need to do before you hop on the Land Rover. Here are four things to do before you choose an outfitter for you African Hunting Safari.


1. Go to a Safari Club Convention– Many people underestimate the amount of planning required before they take a safari. The fastest and most efficient way to get information on outfitters and hunting opportunities in the shortest amount of time and least amount of money is attending a convention. Talk to as many booking agents as possible to get a feel for what to expect before, during, and after your safari.

2. Choose Where You will Hunt- Africa is a beautiful continent with literally hundreds of places you can take a safari. First of all understand that you will not have to pack too many clothes. Chances are that every day you come back from a safari your clothes will be cleaned, ironed and pressed. Depending on where you stay and safari, the climate will most likely be fairly hot and the weather consistent. Bring hunting clothes, gloves, a utility vest, sun glasses, boots, and maybe some sun screen.

3. Pack Your Bags- You will be able to put all of your gear into one duffel bag. Bring a camera and a few changes of clothes. If you will be bow hunting bring your bow, if not then make sure you take the steps necessary to rent or bring a gun with you. African cuisine is actually very compatible with American food. There will not be much of a need to pack much food except for snacks for the trip over.

4. Get Your Shots- If you are hunting in certain parts of Africa you will need to get vaccinations. For instance if you hunt in Zimbabwe you will need yellow fever and malaria shots, whereas South Africa does not require any kind of vaccination.

Be sure to follow these simple steps before you sign up with an outfitter and your African safari will be a trip of a life time. Think ahead, think smart, and have the time of your life hunting the largest game in the world!

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