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    Do you have a trophy picture that you think deserves to be on the cover of a magazine? Are you a  skilled a photographer or outdoorsman? If so, tag us on Instagram #BringYourTrophyHome @HuntingTrophyExperts

    To enter, all you need to do is upload a photograph with your best trophy to Instagram using the hashtag #BringYourTrophyHome and tag @HuntingTrophyExperts

    Your name will be entered for a weekly drawing. Each week one random entry will win a $50 Gift Card to Cabela’s Outfitters. (4 total winners)

    BONUS: Every entry will receive 10% OFF their next shipment.

    Whether your photo is you next to a massive Kudu in Africa or kneeling behind a trophy buck you are preparing to have mounted, we want to see them.

    We look forward to Bringing Your Trophy Home!


    Official Rules



    To enter, you must be at least 18 years of age. Hunting Trophy-Coppersmith Global employees and their immediate family members are not eligible. Immediate family includes only spouses, parents and children.

    Inappropriate Content

    Obscene, provocative or otherwise questionable content will not be considered. We retain sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.


    By entering the contest, entrants agree to have their submitted name displayed on our website and used by us for any purpose, at any time, without any fee or other form of compensation.We reserve the right to disqualify users, without notice, and for any reason.

    Contest Dates

    The last day to submit an entry is May 3, 2018 ending at 11:59pm PST.

    Weekly Gift Card Winners

    April 13, 2018

    April 20, 2018

    April 27, 2018

    May  4, 2018

    Weekly winners will be notified via a direct message on Instagram.  All entries will be sent coupons by direct message on Instagram. All profiles on Instagram must be set to public for verification. management reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time at their sole discretion with or without notice. All rulings made by event management during the promotion are final.

    Any participant found to be abusing the promotion rules or tampering with the promotion in any way may be disqualified and declared ineligible for any prize.

    Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify contestants. Fraudulent activities will be monitored and will lead to exclusion. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.






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  • Tips on How to Choose the Best Taxidermist

    When it comes to preserving your favorite big game trophies, you want it done right. Big game trophies are meant to be proudly displayed for generations to come. However, in order for that to happen, they have to be preserved properly. And that is exactly why we have gathered some tips for you on how to choose the best taxidermist.


    Licensed Taxidermist

    First and foremost, make sure the taxidermist that you choose is state licensed. Relying on an unlicensed taxidermy service provider can mean dealing with unforeseen issues that leave you with little to no recourse in recovering from the damages. Also, licensing rules may vary from state to state. For instance, in states like Pennsylvania, a taxidermist is required to be licensed by the state’s department of agriculture before practicing. For certain animals such as fowl, a federal license is required.


    A businesses reputation is just as important as a person’s individual reputation. A bad word about a business tends to spread faster than good words, so play close attention if you have heard any negative reactions to the services of a particular taxidermist. Follow up by checking with the Better Business Bureau in order to find out if the negative information is accurate. Also, checking with places of authority such as the Better Business Bureau will reassure you that the taxidermist values its own reputation and respects its customers.

    Be Quizzical

    Ask all kinds of questions because asking questions does several things. It can alleviate any fears and concerns you may have about how the job will be done. It can also possibly bring a reasonable explanation about a complaint you heard about elsewhere. There are many things that can be gained from asking the questions in your mind. Do not be afraid to be quizzical.

    Compare Prices

    As with any business service, you want to compare prices. Just remember that the cheapest price is not always the best service, nor does it mean that it is the worst service. However, in some instances, one really does get what one pays for. So, if you’ve done your proper research and compared all the prices, you should be ready to pick a taxidermist that can make you a proud hunting trophy owner.

    Hunting Trophy

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  • Why is HuntingTrophy.Com your trusted source for trophy importation?

    HuntingTrophy.Com is a division of Coppersmith Global Logistics. Jeff Coppersmith is President of Coppersmith Inc. and President of the NCBFAA. Jeff has been active in NCBFAA as an area director, Freight Forwarding Chair, Annual Conference Chairman, Treasurer and Vice President. Jeff also served on the Board of the Los Angeles Brokers Association, Chairman of the Los Angeles World Trade Week, and also served as Chairman of the Pacific Coast Council.Coppersmith Inc. is celebrating 60 years in business.

    Started by his grandmother Adrienne, Jeff and his brother Bud are the third generation in the family business. Coppersmith has acquired several companies in the last few years and now offers complete Global Logistics. Coppersmith has 11 offices throughout the United States and prides itself on the ability to give personal service with big time technology. Jeff who received his brokers License in 1985 and has been President of Coppersmith since 2002, is married to Roberta and they have two grown sons.

    HuntingTrophy.Com is a division of Coppersmith Global Logistics. Jeff Coppersmith is President of Coppersmith Inc. and President of the NCBFAA. Jeff has been active in NCBFAA as an area director, Freight Forwarding Chair, Annual Conference Chairman, Treasurer and Vice President. Jeff also served on the Board of the Los Angeles Brokers Association, Chairman of the Los Angeles World Trade Week, and also served as Chairman of the Pacific Coast Council.Coppersmith Inc. is celebrating 60 years in business. Started by his grandmother Adrienne, Jeff and his brother Bud are the third generation in the family business. Coppersmith has acquired several companies in the last few years and now offers complete Global Logistics. Coppersmith has 11 offices throughout the United States and prides itself on the ability to give personal service with big time technology. Jeff who received his brokers License in 1985 and has been President of Coppersmith since 2002, is married to Roberta and they have two grown sons.

    Hunting Trophy

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  • Hunting the Ibex in Spain

    This wild goat, also known as the steinbock or bouquetin, is a keen mountain animal. Any hunter who is up for a unique challenge should consider Ibex hunting in Spain. Best of all, the trophy makes an impressive sight mounted above the fireplace back home.

    Where to Locate the Ibex

    Game hunters usually run into the Ibex along the rough terrain of the highest Spanish mountains. This environment can be a bit brutal, so be prepared for some degree of physical exertion reaching a site to await the arrival of the goats. Since the Ibex has near vertical climbing ability, expect to locate them along rather angular slopes and cliffs.

    Approaching the Ibex

    They are extremely quiet and difficult to approach. These wary animals catch even the slightest movement and mere hint of a foreign scent. It is necessary, at the very least, to wear camouflage that exactly matches the Alpine setting. Scent protector is another consideration.

    Ibex Movement Patterns

    In general, Ibex tend to segregate themselves into small groups of around six. This means that hunters will find herds consisting of either all adult males, all females, young individuals, or mixed-sexed goats of various ages. The latter herds usually have no more than two male bucks, who might be aggressive while protecting the females.

    Though extremely quiet, Ibex do chirp, especially when scared. Use this knowledge to track them down. Hunters have to stalk, spot and shoot Ibex, as there are no known attractants.

    Two Useful Hints

    • Try to shoot Ibex when they are on a steep incline. Ibex goats will roll down on their horns and body until they reach the bottom.
    • When scared, these intelligent animals will often run toward a cliff and then pace in circles, fearful that attempting to climb will result in a hunter shooting them. Take advantage by waiting for them to pace nervously at the cliff walls.

    Get Involved in Spanish Ibex Wild Goat Hunting

    Out of the various international travel destinations, the high Spanish mountains remain some of the most exciting for hunters. The first step before embarking on a journey is to get in touch with experienced taxidermists who can answer any lingering questions about Ibex hunting in Spain.


    Hunting Trophy Coppersmith


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  • Three Excellent Destinations for Winter Hunting

    Trekking through the snows of winter may be cold on the feet, but when you bag a big game animal you’ll feel pretty warm inside. It’s a great time of year, particularly after the holidays when things slow down and you can take time to commune with the great outdoors. But you’ll need to plan a seasonal hunting destination in advance to secure licenses, guides and a good place to eat and rest your bones.

    Elk in Montana

    Montana has a rich landscape of bison, bighorn sheep, deer, antelope and elk. One of the best public-land hunting locations in Montana is Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest because about half of the elk population comes from the southwest region of the state. The area outside the small town of Dillon has mountain ranges that provide the elk cover and hunters excellent vantage points. The shoulder season for elk can last as late as Feb. 15, mainly on private land in the area, depending on the district in Montana. Check with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for more information.

    Black Bear on Prince of Wales IslandAlaska

    This remote island off the southern coast of Alaska has some very large black bear and the abundance of them lets hunters be selective about what they bag. Most hunters use a spot-and-stalk method along the beaches and have a good success rate. Hunt seasons vary depending on whether non-residents use a guide or not, but this is a great destination in early or late winter. The island’s quaint small villages and feeder islands are immersed in the Tongass National Forest. It’s like one big hunting ground. The Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce has a lengthy list of lodges, resorts and information about guides to help you plan ahead and the guide has regulations and details.

    Deer in Rhode Island

    When you think about the great outdoors, the smallest state in the union probably doesn’t come to mind. But Rhode Island has a fierce deer population and manageable areas to hunt that don’t require major hikes. The Arcadia Wildlife Management Area in the southern part of the state offers a rich New England landscape and there are a few small villages, such as Hope Valley, that reflect a picturesque time gone by. Prudence Island, a stones throw off the coast, has a dense deer population on its 5.57 square miles and is restricted to archery hunting only. Inland, Rhode Island has staggered seasons for archery, muzzleloaders and other rifles. It’s a small, dense area with good hunting success rates. Visit the state’s DEM website for more information.

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  • What do I do to ensure my trophies get back to me?

    There are many steps, but here is one of them.

    Your first line of defense is to apply hunt tags to the individual trophy parts in the field. This means every separate skin and horn has its own luggage-type tag. We recommend you use your business card on one side, and on the other, indicate which Coppersmith office you want your trophies shipped back to.

    You can usually get 8 luggage tags laminated at your local office supply store for about $7.50. Purchase the 8-inch day-glow colors variety pack of plastic electrical ties from your local hardware store. Assign one color to each hunter in your group – this way when they walk past the skinning area they can see at what stage their skins are in the process.

    We have developed a new kind of hunt tag for our clients. It will even survive the tanning process. If you would like some, please contact your local Coppersmith Global hunting trophy coordinator.

    Lynley Bishop
    Eastern Regional Manager
    National Hunting Trophy Coordinator
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  • Four Things to Do Before Choosing an outfitter for your African Hunting Safari

    Going on a safari can be a one in a life time opportunity filled with excitement and adventure. However, as with any big trip, there are certain things you need to do before you hop on the Land Rover. Here are four things to do before you choose an outfitter for you African Hunting Safari.


    1. Go to a Safari Club Convention– Many people underestimate the amount of planning required before they take a safari. The fastest and most efficient way to get information on outfitters and hunting opportunities in the shortest amount of time and least amount of money is attending a convention. Talk to as many booking agents as possible to get a feel for what to expect before, during, and after your safari.

    2. Choose Where You will Hunt- Africa is a beautiful continent with literally hundreds of places you can take a safari. First of all understand that you will not have to pack too many clothes. Chances are that every day you come back from a safari your clothes will be cleaned, ironed and pressed. Depending on where you stay and safari, the climate will most likely be fairly hot and the weather consistent. Bring hunting clothes, gloves, a utility vest, sun glasses, boots, and maybe some sun screen.

    3. Pack Your Bags- You will be able to put all of your gear into one duffel bag. Bring a camera and a few changes of clothes. If you will be bow hunting bring your bow, if not then make sure you take the steps necessary to rent or bring a gun with you. African cuisine is actually very compatible with American food. There will not be much of a need to pack much food except for snacks for the trip over.

    4. Get Your Shots- If you are hunting in certain parts of Africa you will need to get vaccinations. For instance if you hunt in Zimbabwe you will need yellow fever and malaria shots, whereas South Africa does not require any kind of vaccination.

    Be sure to follow these simple steps before you sign up with an outfitter and your African safari will be a trip of a life time. Think ahead, think smart, and have the time of your life hunting the largest game in the world!

    Hunting Trophy



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  • The Best North American Trophy Hunts

    North America has an incredibly diverse landscape. These provide habitats for unique game suitable for any hunter’s trophy room. Here are some of the best trophy hunts in North America, not ranked in any particular order. 


    Mountain Goat, British Columbia

    You’ll likely have to hire a guide just to sight one of these elusive creatures, but the journey will be worth it. Prepare for lots of hiking.


    Elk, Montana

    Montana’s endless mountain ranges provide an amazing backdrop during this hunt. It’s not going to be easy, as elk have a tendency to be located in remote areas.


    Moose, Washington

    The first time any hunter sees a moose, they are almost always left in awe by the sheer size of the animal. They’re also known for their aggression- up to 1500 pounds of it.


    Grizzly Bear, Kodiak Island

    The feeling of hunting a predator is a completely different experience. The grizzlies of Alaska can grow up to 9 feet, and are known for defending their territory.


    Muskox, Nunavut, Canada

    The muskox looks like a combination of a bison and a mountain goat, and is one of the most unique trophies for a hunter. You’ll need a guide here. 


    Bison, Utah

    The temperament of the bison, coupled with its incredibly thick skin, make this a uniquely difficult trophy to obtain. 


    Antelope, Wyoming

    The beautiful and unique coat of the antelope is enough for many hunters to make the trek to Wyoming. There’s also the benefit of mostly flat hunting ground.


    Eastern Turkeys, Alabama

    Alabama has the most turkeys in the nation. However, they’re still just as tough to hunt. Still, there is a reason Alabama earned its reputation for turkeys. 


    Whitetail Deer, Wisconsin

    Boone & Crocket rank Buffalo County as the top spot in the country for trophy white tails. There’s also lush, autumn-colored hunting grounds near the Mississippi River.



    Whether trekking across the Rocky Mountains in search of Elk or tracking antelope across the plains of Wyoming, any hunter can find their dream trophy and they don’t even have to leave the country. 


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  • Preparing for Your First African Safari Hunt


    A hunting vacation in Africa can make for a memorable experience. However, before you embark on your journey to the continent, you will need to make the necessary preparations for the safari. This will go a long way in helping you to avoid several challenges as well as make your expedition a success. If this is going to be your first African safari hunt, you will need to familiarize yourself with some things. Here is how to prepare for your first safari hunt in Africa.

    Pay attention to fitness

    Regardless of where you plan to go hunting, it is important to ensure that you are physically able to enjoy the whole experience. While physical fitness is mostly overlooked, you would not want to spend huge sums of money on a safari you will not enjoy. You would also want to be steady enough to take accurate shots at all times.

    Medical preparation

    Medical preparation covers many aspects. When planning for an African safari hunt, you should consult your doctor. This will give you a chance to get expert advice on the necessary vaccinations as well as any medications you need to carry for the trip. If you have any medical conditions that require regular medication, you should bring them along with you. Make sure that you communicate this to your guide so that they can provide care in case something happens while you are out hunting.

    Select proper ammunition

    Selecting the right ammunition will allow you to take accurate shots, even when hunting large and tough animals. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the ammunition available in the market so that you choose the most suitable for large African game. The bullets should not only be accurate in your rifle but should also give you the confidence you need.


    Having the best rifle and ammunition will not help much if you do not sharpen your skills to shoot. To make every shot count, you should identify the perfect range at a position from which to aim and fire a shot.

    This list is by no means exhaustive since planning for a safari hunt takes time and effort. You can learn more about African safaris here.

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  • Test Your Skill Hunting Bighorn Sheep

    Sheep hunting is not an easy task, especially to the inexperienced hunters. One of the toughest tests of hunting bighorn sheep lies in the hunter’s ability to find them in their hideouts. However, after getting where they are, the hunt becomes relatively easy. Below are essential tips where and how to start your search during the sheep hunting process. They will test and sharpen your skills.

    • Start hanging out with experienced hunters.

    You can learn multiple sheep hunting skills by spending more time with experienced hunters in your region. Most of these individuals have Facebook pages where they share updates and crucial conversations about how you can find bighorn sheep easily and start hunting. Additionally, you can share the little information that you have about sheep hunting with them, and they will reciprocate and guide you where to go hunting.

    • Go high-tech.

    Nothing can beat Google Earth when it comes to finding places where you can get productive bighorn sheep in your region. High-resolution satellite images of Google Earth will guide you to locate areas with adequate numbers of sheep to hunt. If you do not know how to read and interpret them, you can seek assistance from experts in the field and go hunting with your friends.

    • Identify the right terrain.

    High-resolution satellite images alone cannot help you get the ram hideouts. Bighorn sheep keep moving from one place to another to hide from their predators. Therefore, you can find them anywhere. If you want to minimize the hassles of spending days looking for them, you must look for a perfect terrain where they are likely to spend most of their time.  The terrain must provide easy escape routes from their predators. 

    • Go to the field and hilly areas for hunting.

    After knowing the potential hideouts of bighorn sheep, you can head to the hills with binoculars and start hunting. If you are new to sheep hunting activities, you should go to areas with high percentages of sheep to improve your skills.

    In the modern society, sheep hunting is a luxurious activity. Therefore, hunters must wear the right hunting gear and win trophies during competitions. Hunting is a reliable company that has been helping hunters to import their trophies from different countries. The firm has been operational since 1995. The experienced team of experts from Hunting serves people around the United States by answering crucial hunting questions and ensuring the importation processes of their hunting gear and trophies are successful.


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