5 Challenging Big Game Bow-Hunting Adventures11/05/17


Put your bow-hunting skills to the test by going on a big game adventure. If you are up to a challenge, you will end up with a much more impressive trophy to show off in your home when you get back to the United States. Those trying to figure out what type of big game adventures they should go on to get these trophies will appreciate the following ideas.

Coues Deer

Among deer, the Coues deer will provide you one of the biggest challenges. You can actually hunt these deer in certain areas of southern New Mexico as well as Arizona or you can go abroad. While these animals are not necessarily big compared to some of the other big game trophies, they are enough of a challenge to give you an amazing sense of satisfaction.


Part of the reason that elk can be so challenging to hunt is that they are very smart. To make this hunt even more adventurous, elk are also typically found in remote locations that will put your rugged outdoor skills to the test.

Brown And Grizzly Bears

Some of the reasons that bow-hunting a brown or grizzly bear will be challenging are obvious; after all, these animals are huge, strong, and territorial. Simply put, they can do a lot of damage to you, particularly when provoked. To make hunting these animals even harder, you will typically need to go to remote locations, hike, and camp, frequently in inclement weather.

Mountain Goats

You may not think of mountain goats as big game, but they should still be worth your consideration. Hunting these animals can be very challenging since you will need to do a great deal of hiking. You can hunt mountain goats in the United States, but will have better luck in British Columbia. Just be sure you stick to the law and hire a local registered guide. Expect hiking several days before you get close enough to hunt them and having to watch out for mountain lions, bears, and wolves along the way.

Mountain Moose

Another mountain animal worth the adventure for your bow hunting is the mountain moose. They are typically found in the mountains of Alaska, but you can also find them in other places around the world and they can weigh over 1,200 pounds. To make it more of an adventure, you will need to go camping and stick out tough, cold mountain wilderness.

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