5 Big Game Animals to Hunt in the Winter Worldwide06/07/18


5 Big Game Animals to Hunt in the Winter Worldwide

Hunting in winter can make for an exciting and fun experience. Besides the specific hunting adventure, the weather and the terrain that one has to overcome add to the challenge of the expedition. Trophy hunting is an old practice that has been passed through generations. Today, hunting some big game animals for sport and trophies can make for an unforgettable adventure and a memorable experience. 

Cape Buffalo

There are diverse terrains where you can hunt these animals. From grass and palm savanna to swamp and forest, you are bound to enjoy the exciting hunting experience. You and your team will spot the animals in a herd, making it possible to choose the trophy you prefer. Your success rate in getting good trophy does not rely on whether you will get the cape buffalo, but how well you select your preferred trophy.


Hunting Ibex in Spain becomes an unforgettable experience owing to the natural landscape and scenic mountains that form the natural environment in which the animal is found. The natural habitat is rugged, making for an excitingly challenging hunting task. Moreover, there is ready accommodation for hunters as well as rich and diverse dining opportunities.

Marco Polo sheep

Hunting this animal is known to be a physically demanding activity. As such, to ensure a successful hunt, one should be experienced and must also carry the necessary hunting equipment. The hunt is mostly done in mountainous areas, where the air is dry and the temperatures extremely low. Due to these conditions, it is always advisable to be in great physical condition before embarking on the expedition.


This is one of the big game animals in Australia. Hunting the sambar makes for the ultimate challenge. For all the help that your guide will provide, the hunt in the mountain country will be both exhilarating and challenging.


Pakistan is blessed with lofty mountains, numerous plateaus and rich plains, all of which make hunting in the country a memorable experience. The Markhor is valued among hunters for its coarse coat in the winter as well as the long and spectacular horns. 

In case you wish to learn more about big game hunting worldwide, you can click here or visit this website. The two links have a wealth of information on most of the things you need to know regarding trophy hunting.


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